Autumn Leaves Stamp Along Event Page!!

Welcome to the Autumn Leaves Stamp Along Event Page!!  This is where all of the information about the event will be housed, including the Zoom links, supply lists, tutorials and a link to the recorded video after the event!

Please note:  This is a private event just for my customers and team members.  So please do not share the link to this page, the Zoom meeting links or the video link afterward.  This is just for YOU as a thank you from me!

Here are the cards that we’ll be making:

Project 1

Click here to download the tutorial for project 1.

Project 2

Click here to download the tutorial for project 2.

Project 3 Don’t worry if you don’t have this designer paper, I have created a few alternative ideas with other designer papers that are available. You can see them in the supply list below.

Click here to download the tutorial for project 3.

If you would like to prepare ahead so that you can stamp along with me while we’re on Zoom, you can find the supply list by clicking this image:

I snapped pictures of the card stock pieces so that it will help you with orientation and cutting things ahead.  And you can find the list of supplies used to create the projects at the bottom of this page if you need to order anything speedy fast.

There is no requirement to stamp along, you can join the event and watch the stamping presentations and just chat too!

Videos of the stamp along event!

***I do apologize…apparently I did not have it switched to “speaker” view when I recorded the event.  I had the video pinned so that those that joined live had it on large screen, but the recording just has my stamping presentation in one of the small boxes.  Yikes!  I’ll know better for next time. I was able to crop the video so that the card making presentation was centered and more full screen, but the video quality dropped quite a bit.  Hopefully you can see enough to stamp along (the tutorials to recreate the projects are linked above too).

The video below is the full screen video, so if that one is easier to watch, you can check that out too!

Ordering list for projects 1 & 2:

Ordering list for project 3: