Fry Box Die Bag

I used the Fry Box Die from Stampin’ Up! to create a little bag that can be used as a treat holder.  This is how I modified the die cuts to create the bag.

Fry Box Tutorial - Stamp With Amy K

I started by cutting two of the Fry Box die cuts.  Then I used my Paper Snips to trim off the front of both die cuts.  I followed the rounded score line that would normally attach the front of the box.

Fry Box Tutorial 3 - Stamp With Amy K

I used by Large Oval Punch to punch a piece of scrap paper and I adhered the scrap paper to one of my die cuts in the location that I wanted my handle.

Fry Box Tutorial 4 - Stamp With Amy K

The scrap paper helped me to line up the punch so that the handle was exactly where I wanted it.  Once I had my punch in place, I punched the die cut with it.

Fry Box Tutorial 5 - Stamp With Amy K

To make sure that the opposite side handle lined up with the first one that I punched, I held the two die cuts together, then placed my scrap punch through the first oval punch hole and adhered it to the bottom sheet.  I carefully lifted the already punched layer off, leaving my scrap paper in place and I punched the second die cut to create the handle.

Fry Box Tutorial 1 - Stamp With Amy K

I applied Multipurpose Liquid Glue to the bottom of one of the die cuts.

Fry Box Tutorial 2 - Stamp With Amy K

Then I lined up the other die cut over the top so that the score line on one box matched up with the cut edge of the other.  I used the Multipurpose Liquid Glue so that I’d have a little time to wiggle the die cuts into perfect position before the glue set permanently.

Fry Box Tutorial 6 - Stamp With Amy K

If you would like to stamp on your die cuts, now would be the time to do that.  For my tutorial, I’ll skip over that part.  Apply Sticky Strip down both sides of one of the die cuts.  Then fold on all of your score lines to get ready for the final assembly.

Fry Box Tutorial 7 - Stamp With Amy K

Peel the Sticky Strip red tape off one side and line up the bottom of the die cuts.  Adhere the two sides of the box together.  Then peel the red tape off the other side and adhere the other side together.

Fry Box Tutorial 9 - Stamp With Amy K

Your treat bag is not ready for decoration and giving!

For All Things 1 - Stamp With Amy K

This was the final assembled treat bag that I created.  Click here to see the blog post detailing the items that I used to decorate this treat bag.

Here are the basics that you’ll need to create the Fry Box Bag:

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  1. Thank you for these detailed instructions Amy! I’ve always wondered how it was done, I’ve seen them – without instructions and not too sure I would’ve ended up with mine looking so nicely 😉 Perfect timing, I just got the fry box die too – thanks!! 🙂

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