Baby Wipe Technique

I used the baby wipe stamping technique to stamp the sentiment on this card.  It’s a super simple technique and lots of fun too!

Seasonally Scattered - Stamp With Amy K
You will need to have a plastic container that is fairly flat and wide enough for you to easily fit your stamp into.  I used one of the Clear-Mount Stamp Cases from Stampin’ Up!  They’re just the right size and they wipe clean when you are finished.
Baby Wipe Technique - Stamp With Amy K
Place a baby wipe folded in half in your plastic container.  Make sure that the wipes are alcohol free, but other than that, the brand and type don’t matter.  I used a store brand wipe from a Target.
Baby Wipe Technique 1 - Stamp With Amy K
I wanted a striped look for my card, so I added drops of Ink Refills (about 10 drops per color) in lines down the wipe.  If you’d like a more random look, add drops of ink all over the wipe from each color.
Baby Wipe Techinque 2- Stamp With Amy K
Ink up your stamp using the baby wipe as your ink pad.  You can gently tap the stamp, moving it around a little to make sure that you get adequate coverage.  Then stamp the image on your card stock.  So simple!  I used this baby wipe over again five times to create cards with it and no additional ink was needed.  So you can do several cards from one inked up wipe.
When I was finished, I threw out the inky baby wipe then wiped the inside of the case with a clean baby wipe and it was as good as new!
Seasonally Scattered 4 - Stamp With Amy K
Here are two of the cards that I made with this technique.  You can see all of the details and a list of items that I used to create these cards on my blog post here.

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  1. I have a broken box that I stepped on. I’ll put the baby wipes in baggies and save the broken box to use again. Clumsy me. Thanks for the info.

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