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Hello and Happy Tuesday!  Hope that you’re having a great day.  🙂  Stampin’ Up! has some new Weekly Deals for us but before we get to those, I want to show you what I did yesterday…nope, it’s not stamping related.  I put a new sink stopper in my kitchen sink…not just the plug part, the whole metal surround and part of the drain pipe too!  You can read on as long as you promise not to tell my husband what I did!  😉

The Kitchen Drain - Stamp With Amy K

The kitchen sink has been bugging me since we moved in a few months ago.  They previous owners had put these “decorative” covers over the stainless steel part and they were all beat up and chipped.  I decided that I should remove them.  The cover over the disposal side popped right off, exposing the stainless steel piece that you’re used to seeing in the sink.  Since that was so easy, I decided that I’d “pop” the other one off too…this is where the trouble started.

My husband mentioned that he thought there was more to it, but I assured him that I knew what I was doing and I’d take care of it.  He said, “okay” and left for a business trip on Sunday.  I decided that yesterday was the day to remove the other cover.  I pulled out the tools and went to work trying to pry it off.  I soon found out, after I broke the cover, that my husband was right (don’t tell him that I said so!!).  There was a long bolt that ran through the center of the cover that I should have unscrewed first so that I could lift it right out.  Once I removed the cover, I found that there wasn’t any stainless steel ring under that side, so no easy fix.  Okay, no problem…I’ll just take the broken cover to Home Depot to get a replacement.

I got to Home Depot and I found out that they don’t have that type of cover, it’s a special order.  Now we’ve got a slight problem…my kitchen sink no longer has a functioning drain on one side and this definitely isn’t going to be the quick and easy fix that I thought it was.  So I decided that I’d just buy a replacement stainless steel piece and stick it back in where this piece came out.  Based on my vast knowledge of kitchen sink plumbing and the opinion of some random Home Depot employee, I bought what I thought were the right parts for the job and I went on my merry way.

I got home to find that my great plan for a quick replacement wasn’t going to be so quick after all…I ended up having to go back to the Home Depot to purchase the tailpiece (for you “non-plumbers”, that’s the piece that attached to the bottom of the strainer, runs down and attaches to the rest of the drain).  The tailpiece has to be cut to fit…another slight challenge, thank goodness for the reciprocating saw that my husband happened to have left out from another job that he was working on.  I hacked up the tailpiece and went to work assembling the sink.

I was so proud of myself, I got everything assembled in the right order and I turned the water on to test it…and yep, you guessed it, it leaked!  Ahhh, now I’m really in trouble.  I took everything apart and put it back together 3 more times with the same result.  I finally pulled out my trusty laptop and found a YouTube video on how to install this piece in a kitchen sink…probably should have done that first, but who really needs directions for this type of thing?  Apparently I do, I discovered the importance of a big glob of plumber’s putty…I stuck everything back together and this time it worked with no leaks!

My New Kitchen Drain - Stamp With Amy K

Fingers crossed that it won’t leak any more.  If it does, I’m telling my husband that the previous owners must have done something to it…all that I did was pull the decorative cover off.  😉  But I am glad to know that if this stamping gig doesn’t work out, I can always fall back on my fabulous plumbing skills.

Hope that gave you a chuckle today…now on with the regularly scheduled programming!

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54 thoughts on “Stampin’ Up! Updates & New Weekly Deals

    • Ha! I’ll try the oven mitts next time!! The only reason that I kept going was because I broke it to begin with and I sure wasn’t going to admit defeat to my husband by calling a plumber. 😉

  1. I love your perservance! and your good storytelling skills! I think your stamping gig will work out though so stay with us! We need your creativity!

  2. Oh Amy I loved your story – nothing is ever easy is it? Congratulations! How satisfying it will be every time you stand at that sink:-). Well done!!

  3. That is hilarious Amy!!!! You are a wonder just trying to do it. I won’t tell your husband. Lips are sealed. And it’s fixed!!!!!! Good job!!!!

  4. Read your plummer experience while having a cup of morning coffee. Needless to say, don’t laugh while trying to swallow coffee, not pretty.
    Great job Amy. Now your husband will be giving you the “honey do” list.
    Loved it, thanks for the share!

  5. You started the job the way a man would…not getting instructions, lol. Good for you, getting the job done. I’ve done the jobs while hubby was away, who says women can’t do certain things! I won’t tell your hubby, lol.

    • Ha! I did feel a little silly after I watched the video…at least I’d bought the putty beforehand so I didn’t have to go back to Home Depot a third time! Glad to hear that I’m not the only one who’s taken on a project or two around the house. 😉

  6. After years of watching and listening to what my husband does to fix things, I’ve caught on to what needs to be done on some accounts anyhow. I knew exactly why the sink leaked….Call me next time, Amy! Lol!!!! Good for you tackling this problem on your own. We all learn by trial and error, even in the stamp room! We bought a new John Deere riding mower when we moved 1 1/2 years ago…bigger yard, bigger mower. I figured that I didn’t need to check the oil each time I used it since it was new. He about blasted me out for that way of thinking! He said to always check the oil before using it, but you see, I didn’t even know how to do it on that new toy. He showed me and now I check it. True story….

  7. I enjoyed your plumbing story.My Dad was a plumber so I did learn how to do several things-even “sweat” pipe and yes, thick goop is vital for putting pipes together. Glad all turned out well.You never know what talents you have until you try!

  8. this was toooooooooo funny. my husband is an engineer, he fixes EVERYTHING around the house. i am not gifted in that way at all. you are one very brave lady. not to mention, a great sense of humor!!!thanks for sharing this. HONEST!!!jo ann. 

    • Ha! Glad that you had a good giggle this morning, I wasn’t so sure that I’d be able to fix my mess after the second trip to Home Depot, but I was in too deep by that point and my only option was to finish the job!! 😉

  9. Love your story and I admire your tenacity for tackling a major project like that. I don’t think I would’ve had the guts to attempt it!! What did we do before laptops and YouTube?!? By the way, I think your SU! job is safe! 🙂

  10. My Dad used to say that if he could complete a home repair within three trips to the hardware store, it was a win! Thanks for the opportunity to think of him with fond memories this morning! I really miss him. <3

  11. You go girl!!! Cute story. It goes to show we can do what we set our minds too. Great job but don’t get too good or your husband will start leaving those tasks for you !

  12. Thanks for starting off my morning with a smile and a chuckle. My husband is Mr. Fix it so there is no way I would ever attempt what you did. Good for you. You rock Amy. Bet someplace in your stash you have some stamps to make a card for this experience!

  13. Oh my, Amy you are too funny! You are brave too because I would never have had the guts to do that and then hear “I told you so ” from hubby for the next 20 years. You go girl!!!

    • Thanks Terri! I kept at it because I wasn’t ready to admit defeat without giving it some serious effort. I almost threw in the towel after the 3rd try and the continued leaking…so glad that “Bob” the YouTube plumber showed me the error of my ways before I gave up! 🙂

  14. Now to call you “Amy the Plumber”. Good for you! Proud of you! And thanks for all the SU inspirations!

  15. One of those projects that makes you proud of yourself once it’s done–but while doing it, you hope no one is around to hear you or read your mind! So have you ordered your new business cards yet–Amy Koenders, stamper and plumber extraordinaire!

    • Ha! You are so right on the part about hoping no one else is around to hear or see the event! 😉 And I hadn’t thought about business cards, but stamper & plumber extraordinaire does have a nice ring to it!! 😀

  16. Whoo hoo! No silly sink can get you down! Awesome story, I’ve been there myself with similar projects. Always a plus when you don’t have to ask for help with your tail between your leg.

  17. You are so much braver than me! All I know about plumbing is my trusty plumbers phone number! Laughed reading your post. Your secret is safe with me.

  18. Hoo Boy Amy! I was laughing so hard!! My daughter was so concerned that I was crying 😛 I have tackled a few things, but never the kitchen sink. You are the first one I’m calling!! It will be soon too because I’ve got similar situation going on here, except it’s for the bathtub. Hmmmm, will you be coming my way soon?!

    • Ha! Well, I’m only an “expert” in kitchen sinks…but I think that we could give the tub a try. The guy in the Home Depot plumbing department is getting to know me pretty well. 😉

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